TuxCare to Provide Long-Term Security for ProComputers Customers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 28, 2024 – TuxCare, a global innovator in enterprise-grade cybersecurity for Linux, today announced it has partnered with ProComputers, a forward-thinking cloud solution provider, to secure the CentOS 7-based systems of ProComputers customers.

TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) for CentOS 7 enables ProComputers to continue to provide users with the peace of mind that its AWS and Azure Marketplace offerings will enjoy ongoing protections despite the upcoming end of life for CentOS 7 in June.

“We’re pleased that organizations such as ProComputers recognize the immense value that TuxCare’s ELS for CentOS 7 brings to their business,” said Michael Canavan, Chief Revenue Officer at TuxCare. “This vital support helps ensure that ProComputers’ operations remain uninterrupted and their users unfazed by the end of life of CentOS 7.”

“With TuxCare’s CentOS 7 ELS, ProComputers’ customers receive timely security updates, ensuring their CentOS 7 virtual machines remain protected against emerging threats beyond CentOS 7 EOL, announced for June 30, 2024.” said Adrian Pascalau, Solution Architect at ProComputers. “Overall, TuxCare ELS provides our customers with peace of mind, enabling them to confidently continue using CentOS 7 while they plan an upgrade to a newer version or prepare a transition to a different Linux distribution.”

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With over 10 years of experience working with AWS and other public cloud providers, ProComputers provides open-source software bundled together into solutions ready to be launched on-demand in the cloud. ProComputers is a proud sponsor of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation and the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation. For more information, visit the ProComputers homepage at https://www.procomputers.com.

About TuxCare

TuxCare is on a mission to reduce the world’s risk of cyber exploitation. Through its automated live security patching solutions and extended lifecycle support services for Linux and open-source software and languages, TuxCare allows thousands of organizations to rapidly remediate vulnerabilities for increased security and compliance. The world’s largest enterprises, government agencies, service providers, universities, and research institutions are protected by TuxCare on over one million workloads and growing. For more information, go to https://tuxcare.com.

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