New RHUI 4 IP addresses

Affected Products:

  • All ProComputers RHEL images in Azure .

Opened: 2023-10-08

Severity: Severity 4 (Low)

NOTE: If you’re not using any custom firewall and proxy configurations to restrict HTTPS traffic to Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI) servers, you’re not affected and aren’t required to take any action.

Starting October 12, 2023, your RHEL VMs will start receiving package content and updates from the Azure RHUI 4 servers, that have new IP addresses available.

In your firewall or proxy, allow the following RHUI 4 IPs to continue receiving RHEL package content and updates on your RHEL workloads:

Region IP address

All pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers running RHEL VMs will be directed to the RHUI 4 IPs in phase over the next two months. During this time, the RHUI 3 IPs will remain for continued updates but will be removed at a future time.

Existing routes and rules allowing access to RHUI 3 IPs must be updated to also include RHUI 4 IP addresses for uninterrupted access to packages and updates.

Do not remove RHUI 3 IPs to continue receiving updates during the transition period.

What is RHUI 4?

RHUI 4 is the latest major version of RHUI and is now available on Azure. It offers improved content delivery over the existing RHUI 3 servers.

Will your VMs be impacted if you aren’t performing the required action before October 12, 2023?

If you aren’t using any firewall and proxy configurations to allow RHUI IPs, your VMs won’t be impacted.

However, if your VMs are allowing RHUI 3 IPs via firewall and proxy, not allowing the RHUI 4 IPs will result in failures in receiving package updates after October 12, 2023 until you allow the RHUI 4 IPs against your firewall or proxy.

If you have questions or need help, please contact the ProComputers Support team.