ProComputers Support severity levels definition

ProComputers support requests are categorized into different severity levels to prioritize responses and actions.

Severity 4 (Low)

Definition: The issue has little to no impact on business operations. It includes general inquiries, requests for information, or minor issues that do not affect system performance or functionality.


  • General support questions.
  • Feature requests.
  • Documentation or how-to queries.

Response Time: Response within a few days, often handled as part of routine support activities.

Severity 3 (Medium)

Definition: The issue is causing minor operational impact or inconvenience, but business operations can continue with some limitations.


  • Minor performance degradation.
  • Non-critical bugs or issues.
  • Limited functionality affected.

Response Time: Response within business hours, typically within a day or two.

Severity 2 (High)

Definition: Major functionality is severely impacted, or there is a significant degradation in performance. While the system is still operational, the issue is affecting critical operations and requires prompt attention.


  • Significant performance issues.
  • Partial loss of service impacting key users.
  • Severe bug affecting important functions.

Response Time: Rapid response within business hours, often within a few hours.

Severity 1 (Critical)

Definition: The system or application is completely down or severely impacted, causing a significant interruption in business operations.


  • Complete virtual machine failure.
  • Data loss or corruption affecting critical services.
  • Major security breach or compromise.

Response Time: Immediate response required. Support should be available to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you need more information, please contact ProComputers Support as instructed in this article.