ProComputers case study

Microsoft partner’s images in Azure Marketplace enable customers to get the specific virtual operating system experience they need

One-size-fits-all approach to cloud images might not fit all

Because many public cloud images are designed to try to cover all possible end users, they can fall short in the face of specific needs.

Virtual images for Red Hat-based open-source operating systems

Microsoft partner ProComputers provides customers with virtual images for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux.

Customization and support speed up deployment and cut time to value

ProComputers’ images are bundled into solutions that fit specific users’ needs. Onboarding and support services ensure a successful deployment, accelerating app building and testing.

Ready-to-use apps and tools from a virtual image library

Based in Romania, ProComputers provides open-source software bundled into ready-to-launch solutions for use on public clouds. The company aims to create one of the largest available virtual image libraries, encompassing all varieties of applications and tools. Its chief focus is Red Hat-based operating systems.

ProComputers has more than 10 years of experience working with Microsoft Azure, and it currently offers dozens of virtual images in the Azure Marketplace, including the latest virtual image for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. On request, ProComputers also custom-builds cloud images for customers around the world through the marketplace.

Different image modes help customers get what’s ideal for their needs

Currently available generic public cloud images are not updated regularly, nor are they tailored for specific customer needs. They are also released immediately after the major or minor version of the operating system becomes available and are not continually updated with the latest security patches. By contrast, ProComputers’ images are updated every 45 days. If a major security issue appears, ProComputers updates the corresponding image within 48 hours after the fix becomes available in the upstream operating system (OS).

All ProComputers images are provided in three different modes, enabling customers to get the specific virtual OS experience they need. Minimal images provide just the essentials. Logical Volume Manager-partitioned images use logical volumes rather than raw partitions, enabling users to easily manage disk allocation. ProComputers also offers virtual images that automatically receive the latest security updates during first boot.

In order to work within Microsoft Azure, all ProComputers cloud images are slightly modified, with a variety of benefits: All packages are installed within one 30 GiB OS disk; Azure Linux Agent and cloud-init are included; Accelerated Networking is supported; Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is enabled; and the root partition and the corresponding filesystem are automatically extended if the OS disk is larger than the default one.

Through ProComputers’ images, users can tap into the collective knowledge of the open-source community as they develop applications. Expert onboarding and support services ensure that users can easily deploy these virtual images, swiftly getting them started building and testing apps. Plus, a pay-as-you-go model with no upfront costs makes it easy for users to stay within budget.

“Through our solutions and services, we aim to help customers increase productivity and reduce IT costs. Our public cloud images are easy to set up, and our expert onboarding and support enable you to deploy smoothly. Furthermore, ProComputers is excited to bring our latest virtual image for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 to Microsoft customers through the Azure Marketplace.”
— Alex Tataru, Chief Cloud Architect, ProComputers